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Meet the Team

Nate Shaw

Nate started his first company in elementary school when he realized he could generate cash by leasing his toys to classmates. Later, he co-founded E-Sports Live, which became one of the largest Texas e-sports leagues during its existence.

Nate was most recently a Senior Associate at Vault's #1 Ranked IP Boutique Law Firm, and has an Electrical Engineering degree from Rice University and a Juris Doctorate from The George Washington University.

Brian Cohen

Brian studied Computer Science and Market Efficiency Theory at Rice University, and concluded after school that only entrepreneurship, self-learning, and high-stakes competition were worthy of large investments of his time and energy.

In those 10 years, Brian has been part of multiple startups, had multiple 5-digit tournament poker wins, and has been engrossed in blockchain technology since 2011. PredictEV embodies his vision for disrupting the predictive information industry.

Andrew Sharp

Andrew is a life-long technologist, learning to write code and build & network computers at a young age from his two software engineer parents.

Andrew is an Opower & Oracle alum, creating and leading the Opower operations team charged with managing mission-critical 3rd-party services with annual operations of more than $35MM. Andrew managed and recruited through Opower's hyper-growth, Opower's IPO (2014), & Oracle's acquisition (2016) before co-founding UnVig, LLC.

Andrew has a Chemical Engineering degree from Tufts University and is an MBA-candidate at UCLA Anderson Graduate School of Management

Product Strategy
Benjamin Kussman

Benjamin graduated with honors from George Washington University Law School in 2012. Prior to co-founding UnVig, LLC, Ben practiced litigation and regulatory law in Washington, D.C. and Los Angeles offices of two Vault 100 law firms.

UnVig, LLC is Ben's second foray into the prediction market space, having previously explored launching a peer-to-peer, social wagering platform. In connection with that endeavor, Ben provided legal counsel and performed significant research and market analysis.

Partners & Advisors

Peter Macy

CEO, Integrity Gaming

Bhagwan Chowdhry, PhD

Professor of Finance
UCLA Anderson School of Management

Phil Mesnier

Principal Engineer and Partner, OCI Developer

Craig Wilson

Product Advisor

UC LAUNCH - The University of California's Startup Accelerator
UCLA Anderson Venture Accelerator

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